Hot water heating

Steel radiator

A popular solution for architects and engineers, Rittling steel panel radiators can be integrated into any environment. Their sturdy painted steel construction allows them to withstand all types of applications such as schools, hospitals, arenas or others. Their construction gives them a very high heat capacity even at low temperatures. They are therefore the solution for energy saving projects.


  • Compatible with high efficiency condensing coil
  • Robust painted steel construction for long life
  • Elegant appearance, appreciated by architects
  • One-piece construction from 2’ to 20’ long
  • Natural convection eliminates the movement of dust
  • Perfectly suited to hospitals and medical clinics
  • Low maintenance



PR : Simple radiant panel without convection fins

PRF : Single radiant panel with convection fins

PR2 : Double radiant panel without convection fin

PR2F : Double radiant panel with convection fins

PR3F : Triple radiant panel with convection fins

PRC : Ceiling radiator

PRV : Vertical radiator

Air heater with hot water and steam in stock and available at all times!

Rittling vertical or horizontal fan heaters provide uniform heating on which you can rely in large open spaces such as factories, garages and warehouses. Our high efficiency units offer low installation costs and high heat loads.