Hydronic coil

For a hydronic coil to your measure!

The coils are used for your heating, air conditioning and refrigeration needs. This technology, based on the exchange of heat between air and water, is used in a multitude of applications with water or steam. They are mainly found in air ducts and ventilation systems. Our coils are built to the highest standards of the industry. Our qualified technicians are able to maximize the selections of your coils to ensure optimal performance.

Our coils are made in Canada, ensuring fast delivery. When it comes to replacing coils or new constructions, our specialists can assist you in the selection and measurement.


  • AHRI certification
  • Heresite anti-corrosion coating available
  • Easy to use selection program
  • High pressure coil with CRN certification


For a coil to your measure!

At Vigmark, all types of heating and cooling coils for your new projects or coil replacement are available. We can create the coil that exactly meets your needs.

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