Plate heat exchanger

For simple, efficient and compact heat transfer

Vigmark has a full range of plate heat exchangers for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Our manufacturers are among the technological leaders in the production and design of plate heat exchangers. Plate heat exchangers replace the old Shell & Tubes models favorably, by their efficiency, the significant reduction in energy costs and by being more compact without compromising their performance and robustness.

Our product range includes Plate & Frame heat exchangers, brazed plate heat exchangers and pool heat exchangers. Vigmark, always aiming to offer you the most efficient and cutting-edge products, can help you choose the plate heat exchanger that can meet all your needs.


  • Precise selection program
  • Large selection of products in inventory
  • Available CRN and ASME certifications
  • Superior quality construction
  • Suitable for biomass system
  • Compact and easy installation unit
  • Design to configure according to your applications and needs







Air heater with hot water and steam in stock and available at all times!

Rittling vertical or horizontal fan heaters provide uniform heating on which you can rely in large open spaces such as factories, garages and warehouses. Our high efficiency units offer low installation costs and high heat loads.

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