Plate heat exchanger

Brazed plate heat exchanger

Vigmark offers more than 100 models of brazed plate heat exchangers for your heating and refrigeration applications. We also have a complete series of double wall exchangers for your domestic hot water applications. It is also a logical choice for your radiant floor installations. Our products are made of high quality raw materials such as 316L stainless steel, copper and nickel.


  • Large selection of exchangers in inventory
  • Compatible with wood boiler
  • Easy installation and compact model
  • Advanced selection program
  • CRN certification available


Fix your air infiltration problems with the Berner Air Curtain!

Berner air curtains offer a solution to the problem of infiltration of cold air in winter or hot air in summer. With its continuous jet of air, our air curtains can reduce air, insect and vehicle emissions by up to 85% when your doors are open and without obstructing your view!