Air curtain

Increase the comfort of your buildings while considerably reducing your energy costs with Berner Air Curtain!

Air curtains are mechanical devices that reduce air infiltration when doors are open. They act as an air barrier to stop the infiltration of cold air in winter and hot air in summer. They are also very effective in preventing the entry of insects, dust and vehicle emissions into your buildings. They can adapt to all types of openings ranging from the drive-thru window to the aircraft hangar door. Properly selected and installed, the air curtain achieves up to 85% efficiency!

Berner offers the most complete range of the industry with more than 24 different models. Rest assured that we will have the perfect air curtain for your industrial or commercial application. In addition, each air curtain is available without heating or with the integrated heating option whether hot water, electric, steam or gas, to meet all your needs. You can also customize our air curtains with an unlimited choice of finishes and colors.


  • Warranty up to 5 years on ambient model
  • Industry leader for over 60 years
  • Manufacturing and performance above industry standards
  • AMCA and ULC certification
  • To configure according to your needs
  • Energy saving calculation program available
  • Architectural series available
  • Helps reduce the ecological footprint


Simple installation, without interruption of production or modification of the building! Watch the video for more details!


Berner continues to innovate and offers us an air curtain completely adapted to revolving doors. The RevolvAir has been specially designed to maximize energy savings and reduce air infiltration of buildings using turnstile gates such as hospitals, hotels and big box stores.