Air curtain

Drive-Thru Unit 3

The Drive-thru unit 03 air curtain has been specifically designed by Berner engineers to be one of the most compact for drive-through windows. This air curtain will bring comfort to fast-food chain workers who are often faced with freezing temperatures in the winter when they work at the window of their driving service. The DTU03 air curtain is available as an option with an electric heater that provides a higher level of comfort for employees. It is also very effective in reducing the infiltration of vehicle fumes and insects.


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Comes with a washable filter easy to access
  • Easy to operate
  • Fits all types of car service windows
  • Very quiet unity
  • Voltage at 120 Volts available



DTU03 without heating (ambient)

DTU03 with heating (electrical)

Fix your air infiltration problems with the Berner Air Curtain!

Berner air curtains offer a solution to the problem of infiltration of cold air in winter or hot air in summer. With its continuous jet of air, our air curtains can reduce air, insect and vehicle emissions by up to 85% when your doors are open and without obstructing your view!