Hydronic coil

Hydronic heating coil

The hydronic heating coils offered by Vigmark are designed for all your steam or hot water applications. Our coils are built according to ” AHRI 410 ” standards. Vigmark coils are custom-made to meet the requested specifications. Vigmark also offers its customers windings in stock of the ATQ series.


  • Made in Canada
  • State-of-the-art selection program
  • Quick delivery available
  • Robust construction in copper, aluminum, cupronickel and stainless
  • Measurement service at the construction site
  • Custom coil replacement
  • Heresite anti-corrosion coating available
  • Standard ATQ series coil available in inventory


For a coil to your measure!

At Vigmark, all types of heating and cooling coils for your new projects or coil replacement are available. We can create the coil that exactly meets your needs.