Fan coil

Room fan coil

With more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of hydronic heating and cooling systems, Zehnder Rittling understands your need for efficient heating / cooling equipment that will complement the decor. Zehnder Fan Coils offers the latest in an attractive design designed to provide years of reliable operation and energy-efficient comfort. Fan coils are available in a wide range of models and airflow configurations to meet the requirements of your heating and cooling specifications.


  • Unit offering great flexibility of application for heating and air conditioning
  • Hot water heating coil, 1 or 2 rows
  • Low pressure steam heating coil, 1 row
  • Cooled air conditioning coil, 2 to 4 rows
  • 3-speed serial controller
  • Robust construction with 16-gauge cabinet
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Wide choice of colors available


Air heater with hot water and steam in stock and available at all times!

Rittling vertical or horizontal fan heaters provide uniform heating on which you can rely in large open spaces such as factories, garages and warehouses. Our high efficiency units offer low installation costs and high heat loads.