School of Construction Trades

Product: Berner air curtain, model: AHD10

Project: School of construction Trades

Date: June 2011

Using a curtain of air instead of a vestibule is the choice that engineers have adopted for the Construction Trades School project to reduce the infiltration of cold air into their building. By saving on the acquisition cost as well as on the available space, the air curtain proves a more logical and effective solution than the installation of a vestibule which is often very expensive. Interestingly, since the spring of 2019, AMCA certified air curtains, like Berner’s, have been confirmed as an alternative to the ASHRAE vestibule.

Fix your air infiltration problems with the Berner Air Curtain!

Berner air curtains offer a solution to the problem of infiltration of cold air in winter or hot air in summer. With its continuous jet of air, our air curtains can reduce air, insect and vehicle emissions by up to 85% when your doors are open and without obstructing your view!