Hot water heating

Zip radiant panel

The radiant panels of the Zip series by Zehnder Rittling are lightweight, so easy to handle and install. They are a relevant solution for all buildings with very high air volume to heat such as school gyms, warehouses, hangars and arenas. With their radiant walls in painted steel, Zip panels by Zehnder Rittling will appeal to all engineers and architects.


  • Up to 40% savings compared to the forced air system
  • Multitude of possible combinations
  • Saves space on the floor and wall
  • Easy installation with its cable suspension system
  • Non-existent maintenance costs
  • Simple and silent operation

Air heater with hot water and steam in stock and available at all times!

Rittling vertical or horizontal fan heaters provide uniform heating on which you can rely in large open spaces such as factories, garages and warehouses. Our high efficiency units offer low installation costs and high heat loads.